[News] Osinbajo reveals Nigeria’s major problem

Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo, have maintained that Nigeria’s problem was finding upright men in positions of authority.

he stated this while dismissing the popular belief that the problem with Nigeria was ethnicity and tribalism.


and on Friday in Enugu during a book presentation by former governor of the State, Mr Sullivan Chime, Osinbajo stressed that the belief that Nigeria’s problem was ethnic and religious base was wrong and misplaced.

The vice president said that the problem of our country is finding forthright men in positions of authority.”

He also described Chime as a man with strong values who made the desired change in the state during his time as governor.

he urged political office holders to discharge their responsibilities with good conscience and responsibility.

osibajo also said that Nigeria would be a better place if politicians think of what the future would hold for their people rather than how to win their next election.

and At the end of everything, integrity pays and I congratulate Chime for the successes he recorded during his time as governor,” Osinbanjo said.


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